The work boss and his trusty staff.


Lee Fieldhouse : Founder/owner/manager

Lee is a vermiculturalist and industrial ecologist, the chief worm wrangler – and reformed carpenter!

Lee’s interest in vermiculture was motivated by the poor state of the soil at his place. Where he is situated on Oxley Island, a little piece of paradise on the Mid North Coast (sssh dont tell anyone..!)  there are many great  features, including the temperate climate, reasonable access to larger markets, an excellent water supply and affordable land. On the downside the land is poor, degraded and has a high water table.

Studying horticluture, Lee was was invited to attend a field day at a Parry’s Wildflower farm at Bunyah and says “I’m very grateful to Brian Parry for his time and generosity in sharing his knowledge about compost teas, soil structure and worm wee”.  This was the start of a whole new, totally encompassing project. He was then fortunate to meet a number of people who grasped the essence of what I was aiming for and these people have contributed enormously by collaborating with him to trial Biocast+ in their growing systems. It has taken approximately 5 years to get to this point where we now happy with all our systems of production, from the food source to the extraction methods and have all the worms happily munching away in the compost,  solid systems  are in place, we understand the biology and are incredibly enthusiastic by the results we have seen so far.


Delwyn (Del) Thomas: Marketing, promotion and sales consultant.

Del is qualified Horticulturist, Floriculturist and design Florist with a wealth of experience and skills from a long career working in almost everyfacet of the retail and wholesale Nursery and Garden, Cut Flower and Florist industry.

Her parents and grandparents were involved in  growing and marketing vegetable crops, growing and arranging cut flowers and nursery plants. She grew up in the Hills District Nth West of Sydney and later, she and her husband moved to the Hawkesbury where they had a foliage farm which supplied premium cut foliage  to the Sydney Flower Markets and were responsible for introducing a range of quality foliage’s to florists which are now commonplace.

Del  is a well respected horticulturist, with  45 plus years industry experience and has a great knowledge of the various facets of gardening.  She has spent many years consulting to industry and home gardeners and is a frequent contributor to industry magazines. She has traveled widely to study floristry design and growing, general nursery growing and marketing systems around the world.

She taught Horticulture and Floristry part time at Tafe for over 23 years.

In 2007/8 Del project managed a Federal Government (DAFF) /Nursery and Garden Industry (NGIA)  initiative for the education of gardeners about Environmental weeds (garden escapes)  and with her committees of industry specialists from each Australian state produced a series of full colour informational booklets for the “Grow me Instead” program.


In 2013 with her co-author Bettina Gollnow, published  What Cut Flower is That?, a Rural Industry Research and Development Industry (RIRDC) initiative to educate florists, floristry students and anyone who works in the floral industry. This book is the recommended study resource for registered floristry colleges throughout Australia. This entire book is available for purchase or a free downloadfrom

She currently resides on the Mid North Coast where she has family living close by. She is a confident speaker, enjoys sharing knowledge and  and is passionate about her subjects. She has been somewhat of a mentor over the years since she was one of my lecturers at Tafe.   She recently suggested that perhaps she could be helpful in introducing the product to various sectors of the Horticulture industry. Based on the trials we did on her garden, which were quite dramatically successful for a new garden and from her own experience, knowledge of the industry and belief in the product.


Mango; 2IC/ General barking and chasing the stick


Mango misses nothing.





Dash: PR/ CustomIMGP0139er relations


With personality plus and all eyes on the prize.









IMGP0442The Worms: Quality control/ Waste upcycling

Red Wrigglers, Tiger Worms, Indian Blues and African Nightcrawlers lie in our beds, but they’re no slackers. These guys are the workhorses of Islands in the Stream Vermiculture, without them we’d be nothing! The magic happens inside the body of the worm. They eat the composted ‘waste’ and by the time it comes out the other end it has transformed into a rich, plant supporting resource.

These worms ( around 1000000) each have a lifetime of experience in creating soil improvement products.