Biocast+ Product information




Biocast+ is a living, stabilised liquid vermicast biostimulant carefuly produced at IITSV to create optimum growing ecosystems of symbiotic biology for all plants.

Scientifically brewed in a wholly aerobic environment to ensure the extraction and retention of beneficial microbes, Biocast+ is made to a standardised recipe ensuring the same high quality product every time.

Biocast+ can be used on all plants in all growing systems and so far has achieved great results in cut flower and vegetable hydroponics, viticulture, mass planting establishment, home garden enhancement and maintenance, lawn care and bowling green maintenance, industrial hemp, pastures and as an additive to garden soil blends.

Biocast+ is a unique two part liquid.

Part A is a liquid vermicast extract. It contains a huge range of beneficial bacteria, protozoa,and fungi. These micro organisms are in a stable dormant state. Dormancy is broken when they are reintroduced into the environment and provided with a food source. As well as The biology Biocast+ contains a range of enzymes, humates, naturally occurring acids and other plant growth stimulants.

Part B is a biological catalyst to further enhance and stimulate the microbes contained in part A . It is mixed at the time of application. Refer to mixing table for further details.

Part A and Part B should be mixed in the vessel that the liquid is being applied from eg. watering can or spray tank. It should NOT be mixed in the bottle of part A.

Application methods:  Biocast+  to be used in many ways;

For Foliar application:

Mix part A and part B as directed and apply directly to leaf surfaces using a watering can or coarse spray nozzle.  Aim for 70-80% leaf surface coverage. For best results pre-water plants first, this will open the leaf pores of the plant and allowing the available nutrient to be absorbed very rapidly. It will also allow any Biocast+ that runs off onto the soil to survive in a moist environment.

Foliar application has the added benefit of disease suppression. The microbes in Biocast+ are very vigorous and competitive and will compete with the disease causing microbes on the stems and leaves, often leaving them no room to proliferate.

For Soil application:

Mix part A and part B as directed. Biocast+ is suitable to be used directly on soil or in other growing mediums. It can be applied to moist soil via watering can, coarse spray nozzle or through fertigation systems.

As a transplant Drench:

Mix part A and part B as directed. Soak roots of  plants to be transplanted in a container of mixed Biocast+ for long enough to fully saturate the root ball. For pot bound plants remove from the pot and soak for up to 24 hours.

Drenching will inoculate the roots of the plant with beneficial microbes allowing for greater access to nutrients in its new environment. It will assist the plant with a boost of growth stimulating enzymes and natural acids greatly reducing transplant shock and aiding rapid root development.

For Hydroponic systems:

Biocast+ is proving a useful additive in hydroponic systems. Adding beneficial microbes aids nutrient uptake by plants and helps reduce the amount of chemicals needed as well as reducing some of the negative effects such as sodium build up.

Biocast+ can be used in conjunction with low concentration doses of hydroponic chemicals but we recommended it be used as a separate flush.