Abundant Liquid Biology!

Abundance is what we all seek in our growing  plants,

Abundant growth is achievable.  By composting industrial green and organic waste → then when converted to liquid biology,  has the ability to rejuvenate and nourish all growing mediums, garden soils, salt affected sandy soils,landscape mixes, potting mix, semi hydroponic systems etc.IMGP0220

An abundance of soil biology = an abundance of plant growth. Easy.

What can you expect..?

  • Healthy,  quality plants in the wholesale or retail nursery,  
  • An abundance of glorious blooms, disease and insect  free flowers from the cut flower farm
  • A profusion of  grapes to make a smooth red or white wine,  from the Vineyard
  • A lush healthy home garden, productive and with an abundance of  vegetables, spectacular flowers, trees and shrubs with improved pest and disease resistance.


The reality is…it all comes down to soil biology and the ability of  plants to convert existing trace elements and minerals into available nutrient.


Through our mighty workforce of worms at IITSV we create an abundance of biology ready to be added to foliar sprayed on existing plants, inoculating young plants before transplanting or potting on, added to soils, potting media and hydroponic systems.

First,  all ingredients are sourced from the organic waste stream and are pre-composted ready for the worms to digest and transform into biologically available,  living,  beneficial microbes..

This establishes the first layer of soil biology with bacteria, fungi and protozoa performing the initial break down.

Working to Australian Standards (As4454) in a thermophilic, aerobic environment to ensure a proliferation of beneficial microbes whilst killing harmful disease causing pathogens and eliminating weed seeds. This pre-composted worm food is already abundant in biology but we want more!

Immensely abundant,  microbe rich worm food becomes the next stage of the process when it is fed to the compost worms living in their temperature controllIMG_0871ed  greenhouse.

The worms, through their unique bacterial digestive system, then consume and process the food into an even more microbe rich, plant available form.